Why Kate Spade is wearing a baby-sized hat for the holidays

Kate Spades has worn a baby size hat for some of her most memorable holiday parties, but now she’s taking it a step further.

On Tuesday, the designer teamed up with Baby Jewelers to create a new baby-size accessory called the “Mama Knit Hat,” which has the look of a baby but features the classic Kate Spadets signature embroidery.

The hat, which will be available in December, is made out of acrylic, nylon and polyester, and is $49.99.

The hat is currently only available in white, and it is not available in sizes 6-12.

It is the latest in a long line of Kate Spads collaborations with baby-themed companies.

Earlier this month, the designers teamed up for a “baby-themed” hat with BabyCoats, and in July, they announced that they would be releasing a “special hat” for babies in December.

While we don’t know what Kate Spader’s plans for the hat will be, we know that she has a lot of hats to go around.

Stay tuned to EW for more updates on the project.

What’s next for Kate Spade?

Kate Spades jewelry will be auctioned off at a charity event on August 31, the company announced.

The company said the auction will be held at the Adelaide Museum and Community Centre, and will be hosted by the Adelaide Fashion Council.

In a statement, it said the event will be attended by members of the fashion community and the community itself.

“Kate Spade has been known to take her time, which is why we are so grateful for her many years of inspiration, friendship and service to the community,” the statement read.

Kate Spades has been named one of the “Best of the 20th Century” by TIME magazine. ABC/AAP