Mom, son shop at moms jewelry sale at mall in N.Y.

Mom, her son, and their mother were shopping at the mothers jewelry store at the mall in the city of Buffalo when they decided to visit the mall for the first time, the New York Post reported.

The trio was introduced to the mall by a local, who was a fan of the band Macys, which features female singers and is known for its hit song, “I Want You.”

The mothers mom said that the store’s sales department was impressed with the band and decided to introduce them to the store.

The store’s manager was able to convince the mother to go and check it out because she was so excited.

When she walked in, the staff was impressed by the jewelry and the mother was able with a couple of other purchases.

The mother told the Post that the staff were very supportive, and they even gave her a pair of earrings and a necklace that she was happy with.

After shopping, the mother decided to go to the nearby movie theater to watch the new movie “The Muppets,” and they had a fun time with the cast and crew.

The mother said she also had a “great time” watching the movie.

The mall owner said that he would like to do a similar deal with the mother’s daughter in the future.