Unique jewelry vendors in China: A list of jewelry vendors with unique jewelry

Chinese women are more likely to shop for unique jewelry than men, according to a new study.

Researchers from the University of Toronto and the University at Buffalo surveyed 5,000 women in China over two decades.

They found that women who bought items with unique branding had a higher chance of buying the item at a store that had a large number of women.

The study found that a third of the women said they were not comfortable with wearing a unique piece of jewelry.

“We think it’s because women in this country don’t want to be seen as unique and it’s something that people will be able to wear with confidence,” lead author Alexandra Zuckerman said in a statement.

Women who purchased items with distinctive branding had higher rates of purchasing a new product compared to women who did not purchase a unique item.

Women in China have long been concerned about the possibility of fraud in the jewelry industry, but the findings may help deter them.

The researchers noted that many women do not wear jewelry because they do not feel confident about wearing it.

“It could be that people who are wearing jewelry for themselves are more aware of what they’re doing and it could be a factor in their buying decisions,” Zuckers said.

The study did not examine how the women in the study had a similar experience to their male counterparts.

Zuckerman’s team hopes the results will help women with the stigma surrounding buying a unique necklace and bracelet.

“I think that the most important message is that these are the kinds of things that people can buy and buy confidently,” Zuckererman said.

“People have to be careful to make sure that they’re buying something that’s not just something that is made by a third party and then there’s a little bit of a stigma associated with it.”