How to pick the best new jewelry brands

For anyone who has a lot of new, and often pricey, jewelry on their wrist, the question of which brands to buy is often a daunting one.

But the best of the best is out there, according to a new study by The Wire’s Jewelry Finds magazine.

The Wire, a jewelry site, published a list of the most expensive jewelry brands out there and then compiled their list of some of the coolest jewelry finds, with some of their most expensive brands including riddle, crosstown jewelers, the dutch and the rhodium.

In addition to the top-rated brands on the list, the Wire also identified the top 50 best-selling jewelry brands from around the world, including rhodia, zendaya, crescent moon, chrysanthemums, the jewellers from the Czech Republic, the best-known designer labels, and more.

Here’s a look at the top 10 most expensive rhodes in the world and their most recent releases: