When your butterfly necklace gets lost

Reuters  (Reuters: GALIK)  – The butterfly necklace that helped spark the rise of the butterfly craze in the 1980s may have gone missing.

The jewelry maker, Butterfly Jewelry, told Reuters on Thursday that it had no way of tracking the necklace’s whereabouts and that its collection of butterflies had all been destroyed.

The company said it had lost its paperwork and had no records to help with the search.

Butterfly Jewelries was founded in New Jersey in 1973.

The butterfly necklaces, made of a solid, black nylon that is supposed to be strong, were designed to protect the wearer from insects, and are made by a company called Butterfly, which has its headquarters in New York.

The necklace has been on display at the National Butterfly Center in Washington since 2008.

It was originally sold to a woman who owned a jewelry store in the New York area.

She said she kept the necklace on her person to protect her.

“I don’t remember if it was a butterfly, a butterfly jewelry, a flower or a flower necklace,” said the woman, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retribution.

I never really believed it would happen to me.

She was in the middle of a wedding, and I didn’t know what I would do.

I thought it was just a necklace.

It’s kind of a lost jewel, said the man, who said he has never seen the necklace.

I have no idea what’s in it.

Airlines have lost butterfly neckloops.

When butterfly neckls are lost, a chain is attached to the necklace, which is often kept in a bag in the cargo hold of the aircraft, said David Bowers, an aviation safety expert and associate professor at the University of Florida.

The chain is designed to prevent the necklace from flying out of the bag.

On Dec. 15, 2008, a plane crashed in Virginia, killing all 66 people on board, including the pilot.

A butterfly necklace made of the same material, the butterfly necklace chain, was found in the wreckage, Bowers said.

Cheryl Deutsch, a spokeswoman for Butterfly Jewelers, said it is working to find the missing necklace and would provide more information as soon as it has it.

“We are continuing to track the necklace,” Deutsch said.