How to tell if a diamond is fake or real

What you need to know about diamonds, gemstones and jewelry: — A diamond is a round object with a thin, pointed, polished surface.

— They have a high quality of diamond.

— Diamonds are typically hard to distinguish from a diamond.

A diamond has a high level of brilliance and clarity.

— The most common type of diamonds are diamonds that have been polished.

— Many diamond sellers make jewelry with fake diamonds.

— A gemstone is a natural mineral with a hard surface.

It is a mixture of minerals.

— Gemstones can be easily mistaken for diamonds.

They are usually more solid than diamonds.

The gemstone itself can also be difficult to distinguish.

Diamonds and gemstones can have the same shape or color, so they can be mistaken for each other.

What to know: — Diamond is a diamond with a thick, pointed and polished surface, called a sapphire.

— It has a diamond’s hardness, which is a measure of how hard it is.

— Some types of diamonds can have a hardness of over 600,000.

— You can tell whether a diamond or gemstone you buy is fake if the color, pattern or texture of the gemstone looks different than the one on the outside.

— If you buy a gemstone with a bright, shiny surface, you can be sure it is fake because the color of the diamonds and gemstone on the inside will match the color on the gem.

— And if a gem has a soft or rubbery surface, like a diamond, you’ll be able to tell whether it is real or not if it’s hard to detect.