WalMart Jewelry Rings Are Worth $20,000+ In Bitcoin: Here’s How You Can Buy Them

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to purchase several of my favorite WalMart jewelry rings from the online auction site eBay.

The rings were listed as being $20 million in the price range of $2.5 million to $20.5million.

As I read the listing, I thought it was going to be a fun and interesting opportunity to see how the rings were being traded for Bitcoin.

I did some research on the Bitcoin price, and decided to put the rings on sale.

I was so excited when I saw the Bitcoin value increase and saw that the rings are being sold for a very good price.

I also learned that the seller is a WalMart employee, who has been working for WalMart for the last 12 years.

After a short negotiation process with the seller, I was able to purchase the rings for a total of $20 Million, making the total value of the transaction as $20m.

The value of Bitcoin was $21.00 when I placed my order.

I received my rings in my mailbox on July 14th, 2017, and the price of the Bitcoin was currently $1,938.00.

I purchased the rings as part of the sale for $20 M. The seller on eBay did not give any information about the seller’s identity or the exact amount of the purchase, but he did say that he was able for some reason to get his hands on the rings and that he is willing to take them off his hands for the buyer to get it for his own use.

So I decided to take the rings off my hands and give them to the seller in exchange for the money.

I will be posting the complete transaction log on the following page.

I bought the rings from a seller named Adam.

Adam told me that he has been with WalMart since 1996 and has been able to collect a total number of $10 million worth of WalMart rings.

Adam said that he knows many of the employees that work at WalMart, and that there are many who are also selling their WalMart merchandise on the marketplace.

Adam had an excellent history with his customers and the customers have been very loyal.

Adam has been selling his rings to his family for many years.

Adam explained that the reason that he wanted to take this step was because he is tired of dealing with his credit card company and that his family would like to take over their family’s jewelry business in the future.

The ring purchase was made on July 12th, with the purchase price being $21,937.00, and was completed on July 15th, the day of the auction.

After selling the rings to the buyer, I emailed Adam and he responded with the following message: I received your offer on July 13th, and I am happy to take it.

The buyer paid $1.1 Million for the rings.

The transaction price is $21 Million, so the buyer is paying a total price of $21M.

I have placed the rings in the safe and am waiting to receive the $20M cash in the mail.

If I do not receive the money by August 18th, I will give the buyer a $5,000 credit toward the purchase.

Adam also mentioned that the buyer has a lot of respect for the WalMart employees and has a history of being generous.

He added that he would like for his family to continue to own their jewelry business after selling his business.

I am so excited to have received these wonderful WalMart Rings!

I would like them to become a part of my family.

I would also like to have them donated to charity.

I hope to have the rings shipped to me as soon as possible.

Thanks again Adam, and see you soon for the rest of my story.