I Don’t Need A Role Model: My Favorite Role Models Is A Boy Who Played My Favorite Character

“She was kind of a cool, cool, cute little girl,” says Dwayne Johnson, who played an impulsive, but sometimes violent, but ultimately likable character on ABC’s hit show, “The Goldbergs.”

“I had this image of her.

I had a crush on her.”

“The way she looked, her personality, her voice, I was always drawn to her,” he continued.

“I was obsessed with her.

She was always so cute.”

He says he started playing a different character on “The Sopranos” and then on “Scandal” before becoming obsessed with Dwayne in “Fast & Furious.”

“They made me wear a suit, and they made me dress up in this character and they gave me the voice,” Johnson said.

“She could make you laugh, and she could be a bit of a bitch sometimes, but she was a cool character.”

But, as it turns out, “Fast and Furious” actor Dwayne was not the only one obsessed with his character.

“Her voice was the best voice, too,” says actor Tony Revolori.

“And her acting, it was her talent.”

“Fast, Furious” star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was one of the most popular actors in the world for more than a decade, and his portrayal of the young Dwayne Jones in “The Last of Us” has garnered him an Emmy Award nomination.

But in the years since, Johnson has been on the receiving end of some pretty nasty online attacks for his character’s character’s portrayal of Dwayne.

“There’s a lot of stuff about the film that has been made out to the point that Dwayne, I’m sorry, he’s not Dwayne anymore,” Revoloris told The Associated Press.

“It’s been like that for the last eight years.”

“My name is Dwayne and I’m going to continue to be Dwayne,” the actor added.

“Dwayne is still Dwayne.”

He continued, “I’m not a part of the movie, I’ve been a part.

I can’t be a part in that.”

Revolors comments came just days after actor Josh Brolin called Dwayne a “fucking asshole” on Twitter.

“You can’t talk about a man in a costume, you can’t tell a man he’s gay, you cant have a relationship with a woman, and you can still wear a hat,” Brolin said.

And when “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” host Matt Lauer said the same thing, Brolin responded, “You just called him a fucking asshole.”

But Brolin, who has a long history of making comments on social media, has been vocal about his love for his role in “Degrassi,” which debuted in 2006.

He tweeted last year that the show was “one of the greatest television experiences of my life.”

“This is my show, my home turf, my life, and I have to fight to stay on it,” Brolins Twitter account reads.

“But there are so many other great shows out there that are doing great work.

I love it.”