‘Ice’ necklace to replace ‘Frozen’ necklace

The ice-themed necklace, which will be worn by two-time Grammy winner Jacoje Jewelers, has been designed by London-based designer Jochen Garnet and features a variety of shades of frosted crystals and an ice globe.

Jocen Garnet, who also designed the ice-centric necklace for the Disney princess franchise Frozen, said that she wanted to use “frozen-inspired colours” and a “classic look”.

“Ice is a colour I’ve been creating for a while, but I’ve always wanted to create something completely new and different to what is out there.

I love making things from scratch, and this is an example of that,” she told the BBC.

The necklace, available to order on the Garnet website, is meant to replicate the iconic Frozen necklace.

The “Ice” necklace will be available in six different colours: gold, blue, pink, orange and pink coral.

It will retail for £59.99.

The Frozen necklace is a “one-of-a-kind” design created by Jocens Garnet that will also be worn on the ice surface of an icy beach.

“This necklace is going to be a really special piece,” she said.

“It is really special because it represents so many of my childhood loves.

I wanted to bring it back into the world.”

The Frozen ‘Ice Ice’ necklace, pictured here, is a one-of