How to organize your own Halloween costume party

How to Organize Your Own Halloween Costume Party What to bring What to wear What to avoid Bring what you can wear What not to bring Dress appropriately for the occasion Bring enough to go around Bring a friend Bring snacks Bring water Bring a blanket Bring a snack, like a candy cane or a piece of cardboard, to sit on Bring a small snack bag or reusable bag (like a baby food box) Bring a flashlight Bring a hat Bring a big backpack Bring a little backpack to your party Bring a backpack to the party Bring some sort of entertainment Bring a bag or purse Bring some kind of candy or drink Bring a book or paper and pencil Bring a candle Bring a towel Bring a hand towel to bring to the event Bring some friends Bring some food Bring a few friends Bring a camera Bring a light box Bring a bottle of water Bring an empty cooler or plastic container for filling up a water bottle Bring a shovel to shovel food from a cup to a cup of water Give the people who brought the food some of your leftover food and a bag of candy Give the organizers of the event a bagel and a piece from your bagel tray Give them some candy Give them a small gift Give them an old teddy bear Give them candy Give a hand full of candy, or something like that Give them something to make their party extra special Give them one of those fancy, shiny candy dispensers that make the whole thing look so neat Give them food Give them money Give them their favorite gift Give the party a special night Make them a special treat Make the whole party special Give the event the party its best year ever Make it feel special Make them feel special Give a little something Give them another hand Make them some more candy Give everyone a little of that special stuff Give everyone their special treat Give everyone some extra candy Give your friends something to give them something extra Give everyone an extra hand Give the group something to take home Give everyone something to put in their backpack Give everyone another hand Give everyone one more hand Give your parents something to keep for their special day Give them everything they want and then some!

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