New Macys Jewelry Sale: Macys Collection to Sell for $5,500

A new Macys collection is set to sell for $1.75 million, according to an auction listing.

Macys Jewelers, founded by the founder and CEO of the famous Macys Group, Jim Macys, will sell their jewelry collection for $7,995, the listing says.

Macys started in the 1960s with jewelry collection from his mother, but later added pieces from his own collection.

The new Macy collection is the newest addition to the Macys family of brands.

In September, Macys announced plans to sell their famous collection, which includes Macys watches, Macy sunglasses, and a collection of gold earrings.

The collection includes jewelry from a variety of different brands.

In November, Macies announced that the company was closing down its flagship store, located in New York City’s Times Square, in order to concentrate on its other business, the jewelry company.

The sale will focus on its new flagship store located in Las Vegas, where Macys jewelry is being sold.

Macy’s jewelry collection is currently owned by Macys Holdings Corp., which owns Macys Inc. Macies is the parent company of the Macy group of companies, which include Macys-branded watches and sunglasses, jewelry, and more.