How to keep your jewelry box from being stolen

Here are a few simple steps you can take to keep jewelry boxes secure and safe from theft:Keep the box secure:If you store jewelry in a box or drawer, make sure the box and drawer are locked at all times.

Make sure your jewelry boxes have no openings or gaps in them.

Make sure you place your jewelry in its box and not the drawer.

Make certain the box has a lock on the front.

Have your jewelry drawer organizer stored at the back of the house.

Have the organizer located near the closet door, so that the thief will have to be close to the jewelry drawer.

Keep jewelry boxes out of reach:If jewelry boxes are left open, the thief could use them to take items that you never wanted them to have access to.

If jewelry boxes aren’t kept away from open areas, they can be opened in the event of an emergency.

Have an alarm system in place to prevent jewelry theft.

Remove jewelry boxes from your home.

It can help protect you and your jewelry collection from a theft, and it can also keep thieves from stealing your jewelry.