Watch: ‘The Walking Dead’ season finale is ‘a big deal’ for the industry

The Walking Dead season 5 premiere was a huge deal for the movie industry as well, with the new season drawing comparisons to the original series.

The new season of AMC’s hit AMC drama hit Netflix on April 12.

It’s one of the premiere episodes of the new series, and it has been lauded as one of its best.

It includes some of the biggest moments of the first season of The Walking Bad, including the events that led to the events of Season 5, and a cliffhanger ending that made fans think, “Will this go on forever?”

The series also draws comparisons to Breaking Bad, which also was renewed for Season 5.

AMC’s Breaking Bad is the series most popular since its original series finale in 2016, and has generated a billion dollars in ad revenue since its premiere in 2009.