The moonstone jewelry world is exploding

By the end of 2018, a whopping 1.7 billion moonstones will be available on the market.

And it’s all thanks to the genius of jeweller and entrepreneur Luca Capaldi.

Luca, who works out of his shop in Italy’s city of Turin, has been making moonstones since the mid-2000s.

He’s currently the founder of Moonstone Jewellery, and since he launched his business, he’s built up a network of customers across the world. 

In 2015, Luca was inspired by the fact that many of the jewelry makers he dealt with at the time had discontinued their products.

The Moonstone was born out of Luca’s desire to create something that would stand out from the crowd. “

I wanted to create a moonstone that was not only very hard, but also quite special.” 

The Moonstone was born out of Luca’s desire to create something that would stand out from the crowd.

He told Quartz: “[I wanted] to make something that was a true statement that this is something that I’m passionate about.

It’s something that has something special that I can’t do otherwise. 

There are a lot of people that think they have something that’s going to make you feel special, but they can’t put it on your wrist. 

And I think that is what makes me so special.”

In a nutshell, Lucas moonstone was designed to be something that could be worn by anyone with an inner sense of self. 

At the time, Lucachinis moonstone, a rare and expensive gemstone that is often used in jewelry and is also called a ‘Moonstone’, was a favourite of jewellers and collectors.

Lucachinois moonstones, which are made from pure platinum and are usually sold at auction, have become incredibly popular.

They’re usually sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars each. 

As Luca said:”It’s not a collector’s item.

People have this misconception that you have to be a collector to buy it, but it’s just another item in the jewellery shop. 

This is not just for collectors, but people who are really into jewellery as well.”

The idea of the moonstone became the impetus for Luca to create Moonstone Jewelry.

His vision is to create moonstones that people will recognize, and to offer a unique and timeless piece that will stand out in the marketplace.

He said:”[I] wanted to take the moonstones I already have, and make them something that people could really get behind. 

I thought, what if I made a product they wouldn’t even know existed?” 

To date, Lucacinis has launched a variety of moonstones including a black-and-white black moonstone and an iridescent moonstone. 

He said the inspiration for the creation of the black-black moonstone came from his own personal experience with his own self-image. 

Luca said that he began working on the black moonstones around 2010 when he was in his mid-20s. 

When he was working in the fashion industry, Lucakos family had moved from Italy to the UK.

His mother, Stefano, told Quartz in 2015:”I remember coming home from work one day and finding out that Luca had left his job at a fashion brand. 

My mother told me, ‘It’s been three years since he left.’ 

I told her that I’d never heard of Lucac. 

She said Luca must have been working on a different project because he never showed up to work. “

When I told her this, she thought I was kidding. 

She said Luca must have been working on a different project because he never showed up to work. 

So I started looking for the reason why he was never in the office. 

It was after this that I realised that I had this ‘secret’ that Lucas family did not know about.”

Luca told Quartz that it took him over three years to create the black and white moonstones. 

They’re all handcrafted, each one made in Italy using natural materials and by hand.

The jewellery is then polished using a special laser and is then packaged and sent to customers who receive it. 

His Moonstone range has sold over 150 million moonstones over the past five years. 

What makes Luca special? 

According to Luca: I want to make this unique.

I want people to understand that they can buy this piece for themselves or for someone else. 

The Black Moonstone is a special gemstone, made from platinum and is known for its ‘black-to-white’ colour. 

Black-to white moonstone is also known as ‘lunar platinum’ and has been used by many cultures around the world for centuries. 

Its unique colour also makes it difficult for jeweller’s to create any color or shade. 

 The iridescence moonstone has been designed